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Medical News Today: What is a cesarean section (C-section)?

A cesarean section is a procedure in which an incision is made into a woman's abdomen and uterus to deliver a baby. Find out why it is used, its risks and the recovery period.

How more women with earlier cesarean sections can give birth vaginally next time

(University of Gothenburg) In many countries, cesarean section is routinely used if the woman previously gave birth by cesarean section. Doctors and midwives in countries with a high rate of vaginal b...

Cesarean section on request: Risks outweigh the benefits

More and more mothers facing childbirth are asking for a cesarean. There are many reasons for this, ranging from the social and cultural to the personal, such as fear about the birth. A review article...

Optimal country-level C-section rate may be as high as 19 percent

The most commonly performed operation in the world is cesarean section, and rates of cesarean childbirth delivery vary widely from country to country, from as few as 2 percent to more than 50 percent ...

Fear of Childbirth and Elective Cesarean Section

Does fear of childbirth exert a strong impact on the preference for elective cesarean section? BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

Cesarean delivery won't harm kids' health: study

(HealthDay)—In a study of more than 5,000 children, Australian researchers said they found that cesarean section delivery was not linked with a higher risk of health problems in childhood.

Identifying and Combatting Surgical Instrument Misuse and Abuse

Under perfect circumstances, surgical instruments are carefully handled, transported and cleaned—according to industry best practices and OEM instructions. But in a busy surgery department or fa...

First microbial encounters

Altered microbial colonization associated with cesarean section (C-section) birth could potentially have adverse effects on host development. The first interventional study of its kind attempts to rec...

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Postdischarge surveillance for infection following cesarean section: A prospective cohort study comparing methodologies.

To assess how enhanced postdischarge telephone follow-up calls would improve case finding for surgical site infection (SSI) surveillance after cesarean section.

Incidence of cesarean section and analysis of risk factors for failed conversion of labor epidural to surgical anesthesia: A prospective, observational study in a tertiary care center.

This study aimed to analyze the effect of labor epidural (LE) on the incidence of cesarean section (CS) and assess the risk factors involved in failed conversion of LE to surgical anesthesia for CS.

Comparison of maternal and fetal outcomes among patients undergoing cesarean section under general and spinal anesthesia: a randomized clinical trial.

As the rates of cesarean births have increased, the type of cesarean anesthesia has gained importance. Here, we aimed to compare the effects of general and spinal anesthesia on maternal and fetal outc...

Benson Relaxation Technique in Reducing Pain Intensity in Women After Cesarean Section.

Post-cesarean section women experience pain due to operative trauma. Pain sensation can be reduced by pain management. Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments can be used. The Benson Relaxa...

Anesthetic management of parturient with thoracic kyphoscoliosis, malaria and acute respiratory distress syndrome for urgent cesarean section.

The management of cesarean section in kyphoscoliotic patient is challenging. The respiratory changes and increased metabolic demands due to pregnancy may compromise the limited respiratory reserves in...

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