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19:12 EDT 23rd April 2014 | BioPortfolio

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University of Nevada, Reno joins with NevadaNano for flying robot sensor project

(University of Nevada, Reno) With a new contract from the US Army, the University of Nevada, Reno is partnering with NevadaNano to develop a robotic flying vehicle that can be used for environmental h...

Prothelia and University of Nevada, Reno enter exclusive strategic agreements with Alexion

(University of Nevada, Reno) Dean Burkin, a professor and pharmacological researcher with the University of Nevada School of Medicine, and his team discovered that administering laminin-111, a natural...

No Apparent Motive in Reno Hospital Shooting Deaths

Police don't know why a man shot and killed a urologist at a Reno, Nevada, hospital, and wounded 2 others before killing himself. Medscape Medical News

The Changing Legal Climate for Physician Aid in Dying

While once widely rejected as a health care option, physician aid in dying is receiving increased recognition as a response to the suffering of patients at the end of life. With aid in dying, a physic...

Device for Removal of Dying and Dead Cells

AMSBIO announces ClioCell—an ex vivo device for removal of dying and dead cells, improving viability and quality of cell populations and their subsequent productivity. The system comprises super-par...

Quick Reference Guide to Hearing Aid Style and Design Choices

The many different types of hearing aids and the numerous different abbreviations employed to refer to them make it hard for novice buyers to conduct their own research. Silver State Hearing & Bal...

Prothelia, University of Nevada, Reno and Alexion partner to develop Laminin-111 for MDC1A

Prothelia Incorporated and University of Nevada, Reno announce that they have entered into strategic agreements with Alexion for the development of Laminin-111, a patented experimental protein replace...

Prothelia and University of Nevada, Reno enter into agreements with Alexion for development of Laminin-111

Prothelia Incorporated (Prothelia) and University of Nevada, Reno announce that they have entered into strategic agreements with Alexion for the development of Laminin-111, a patented experimental pro...

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The evolution of caring for dying patients in intensive care units in the United States from 1960-1980.

Since Intensive Care Units (ICUs) appeared in the United States in the late 1950's, nurses working in them have always cared for the dying patients. A historical reflection of the evolution of caring...

Caring for those who die at home - the use and validation of 'care of the dying evaluation' (code) with bereaved relatives.

'CODE' is a 40-item self-completion post-bereavement questionnaire, focused on the last days of life and based on key components of best practice for care of the dying. CODE is a shortened, more user-...

Family carers' delivery of medications for the person dying at home: preliminary findings from the 'unpacking the home' study.

Current UK health policy aims to increase the numbers of people dying at home, but it relies on family members being available to take responsibility for caring. The 'Unpacking the home' study elicite...

Caring for frail or seriously ill older people dying on acute hospital wards.

Hospital is considered an undesirable place to die. Concerns have been expressed about the quality of end of life care in this institutional setting, especially for patients dying with dementia.

Existential concerns about death -- a qualitative study of dying patients in a danish hospice.

Research suggests that addressing dying patients' existential concerns can help improve their quality of life. Common existential conditions, such as a search for meaning and considerations about fait...

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