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The BMJ's views on assisted dying: non-representative of its audience

On its website, the BMA clearly states that it “opposes all forms of assisted dying” and most UK doctors oppose assisted dying.1I was therefore concerned after reading the 22-29 August issue of Th...

Full cardiopulmonary resuscitation should not be used for ordinary dying

The Analysis article on when and how to discuss “do not resuscitate” decisions with patients evades discussing the difference between ordinary dying and dying from cardiac arrest and attempted ful...

Dying star suffers “irregular heartbeats”

Some dying stars suffer from “irregular heartbeats,” research led by astronomers at the Univ. of Warwick has discovered.Read more about Dying star suffers “irregular h

Aid-In-Dying Advocacy Group Girds For Battles After California Victory

Compassion & Choices counts on human-interest stories to shape debate as 23 states weigh aid-in-dying bills this year.

Dying at home leads to more peace and less grief, but requires wider support

Dying at home could be beneficial for terminally ill cancer patients and their relatives, according to research published in the open access journal BMC Medicine.

Assisted Dying: How Does It Work in a Dutch End-of-Life Clinic?

(The Guardian) – Despite the defeat of the assisted dying bill, legalising euthanasia is seen by many in the UK as a way of enabling people to choose a humane and dignified death, and to die in ...

California judge casts doubt on aid-in-dying lawsuit, says court wrong venue for new laws

The pending dismissal is a setback for aid-in-dying advocates, who argue that physicians should be able to prescribe life-ending medications for terminally ill patients who request them to avoid unnec...

Mental capacity as a safeguard in assisted dying: clarity is needed

The Assisted Dying Bill shortly to be debated in the UK parliament, as with previous bills to legalise physician assisted suicide for terminally ill adults, proposes safeguards to help ensure that... ...

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One Chance to Get it Right: understanding the new guidance for care of the dying person.

Following criticism of the Liverpool Care of the Dying Pathway (LCP), widely used to guide care of dying people in British health-care settings, the UK Government set up an independent review which in...

"Good dying" - definition and current state of research.

The advances of modern medicine did not only result in prolongation of life expectancy, but also led to a shift from dying at home to dying in public institutions. In western countries most people die...

Treatment-resistant major depressive disorder and assisted dying.

Competent patients suffering from treatment-resistant depressive disorder should be treated no different in the context of assisted dying to other patients suffering from chronic conditions that rende...

Dying at home is more peaceful for terminally ill patients and their relatives, say researchers.

Dying at home is more peaceful than dying in hospital for terminally ill cancer patients and their relatives, latest study results suggest.

Attitude of Palestinian Nursing Students Toward Caring for Dying Patients: A Call for Change in Health Education Policy.

Death is a natural process that occurs each day. Some nursing students may encounter the experience of taking care of a dying patient while others do not. Therefore, their attitude toward death and ca...

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