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Riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2, is an easily absorbed, water-soluble micronutrient with a key role in maintaining human health. Vitamin B2 is a water-soluble vitamin, one that cannot be stored...


Veregen® is an ointment used to treat external genital warts. In the USA, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and Serbia, Veregen® is already marketed by our partners. Sales and marketing p...

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Medical News Today: Honey vs. sugar: Is honey really better for you?

What are the benefits of honey and sugar compared to their disadvantages and risks? What are the similarities and differences between honey and sugar?

Medical News Today: Manuka honey: Is it really a superfood?

Manuka honey has become highly popular, mainly because it's being called a superfood. Learn about the reported benefits, uses, and risks of Manuka honey.

Walsall | Crime | Published: Less than an hour ago –

expressandstar.comWalsall | Crime | Published: Less than an hour agoexpressandstar.comA chihuahua rescued from a house where 82 dogs were kept is now being fostered in the Black Country - bu...

Merck liefert Erneuerung der Fertigungskapazität bei BioInvent durch Mobius® Einweg-Bioreaktoren

- Größenskala vom 3-Liter Werkbank- bis zum 1000-Liter Fertigungsmodell - Voll skalierbares System vereinfacht die Entwicklung und Produktion von Arzneimitteln Darmstadt, Deutschland (ots/PRNewswir....

Inexperienced hobbyist beekeepers ‘major driver’ of honey bee colony losses in Europe

Ethiopian honey farmers struggle with sticky traditions

The beehives of Ethiopia, Africa's top honey producer, make about a quarter of the continent's honey, but travellers who come to sample the liquid gold often find there isn't enough to go around​. ...

The Manuka honey fight is one we have to have

By William van Caenegem, Professor of Law, Bond University The current row about the certification of Manuka honey, and whether it is a distinctly New Zealand product, is just the latest dispute inv...

Can This One Action Help Save The Honey Bee?

In light of National Honey Bee Day this Saturday, August 19, GMO Answers wanted to ...

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The costs of production of alternative jet fuel: A harmonized stochastic assessment.

This study quantifies and compares the costs of production for six alternative jet fuel pathways using consistent financial and technical assumptions. Uncertainty was propagated through the analysis u...

Conditions of honey consumption in selected regions of Poland.

The nutritional value of honey is a factor that encourages the increase of its consumption. The aim of the study was to identify consumers' behaviours and preferences towards honey and their determina...

Physicochemical Parameters as a Tool for the Assessment of Origin of Honey.

Honey is a complex mixture of various substances, and its composition depends on both botanical and geographical origin, as well as anthropogenic factors. The accurate identification of honey origin g...

Obtention and characterization of dried gels prepared with whey proteins, honey and hydrocolloids mixture.

Large amounts of honey and liquid whey derived from the dairy industry are produced in Argentina. Honey is exported in bulk and whey is transformed into whey protein concentrates and isolates. The obj...

Beekeeping from Antiquity Through the Middle Ages.

Beekeeping had its origins in honey hunting-the opportunistic stealing of honey from wild honey bee nests. True beekeeping began when humans started providing artificial cavities within which the bees...

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