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Original Source: Live Continuing Medical Education (CME) 2014 Conference Dates and Locations for Primary Care and Family Medicine Released by Continuing Education Company Inc.

Continuing Education Company Inc. has released their live Continuing Medical Education (CME) conference dates and locations for the first part of 2014. These CME meetings focus on medical education for primary care, family physicians and internal medicine physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Palm Coast, Florida (PRWEB) September 19, 2013 Continuing Education Company Inc. has released the dates and locations for their live Continuing Medical Education (CME) conferences for winter, sprin...

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Proliferation inducing ligand APRIL

Treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Tropical Medicine

Tropical Medicine is the study of diseases more commonly found in tropical regions than elsewhere. Examples of these diseases are malaria, yellow fever, Chagas disease, Dengue, Helminths, African tr...

Orthomolecular Medicine

MindBody Medicine

Transfusion Medicine

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We do not need to redefine the role of family physicians

My journey in the specialty of family medicine started in 2004 during my third year family medicine clerkship. I was assigned to an office located in the southwestern town of Yauco, Puerto Rico. The p...

September/October 2014 Annals of Family Medicine Tip Sheet

(American Academy of Family Physicians) The tip sheet includes synopses of all the articles published in the September/October 2014 issue of Annals of Family Medicine, including original research and ...

November/December 2014 Annals of Family Medicine tip sheet

(American Academy of Family Physicians) This tip sheet features synopses of original research and commentary featured in the November/December issue of Annals of Family Medicine.

The Best Family Medicine Apps Physicians Should Download

(MedPage Today) -- Dr. Douglas Maurer, one of our family medicine physician writers at iMedicalApps, has created a great list of apps that are essential for family medicine physicians to download.

American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) 2014 Congress of Delegates

Read clinically focused news coverage of key developments from AAFP 2014. Medscape Family Medicine

Physician suicide 101: Secrets, lies and solutions

This article adapted from a lecture presented by Pamela Wible, MD, at the 2014 American Academy of Family Physicians Scientific Assembly in Washington DC. Why did you go to medical school? I’m a fam...

Are Family Physicians Caring for the Whole Family?

A recent workforce analysis confirmed a continuing decline in the numbers of family physicians caring for kids. Medscape spoke with one of the authors about the reasons. Medscape Family Medicine

Family medicine residencies should be 7 years. Here’s why.

I’m on my family medicine rotation right now.  One of my preceptors is about 80 years old, and went through medical school in the 1960s.  He is still sharp as a tack; he used to do C-sections,...

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Teaching family in family medicine residency programs: results of a national survey.

Integrating family into family medicine has been recognized as important for the discipline, yet there is little known about how family-oriented care is taught in training environments. This paper pre...

Why Family Medicine is a Good Career Choice for Indian Medical Graduates?

Internationally family medicine has evolved as an independent academic discipline of medical science and speciality vocational training for community based primary care physicians. India has a long tr...

Increasing Family Medicine Scholarly Presentations and the Incidence of Duplicate Research Abstracts.

Scholarly activity in the form of original research presentations is valuable to the discipline of family medicine. Two major venues for family medicine researchers to present their work are the Socie...

Exploring Interprofessional Education in the Family Medicine Clerkship: A CERA Study.

The need for interprofessional education (IPE) to improve teamwork skills has been recognized by several national organizations. The purpose of this study was to investigate IPE integration in family ...

April 1, 2014 through September 30, 2014.

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