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09:37 EST 31st January 2015 | BioPortfolio

Original Source: A Functional Hybrid Memristor Crossbar-Array/CMOS System for Data Storage and Neuromorphic Applications.

Crossbar arrays based on two-terminal resistive switches have been proposed as a leading candidate for future memory and logic applications. Here we demonstrate a high-density, fully operational hybrid crossbar/CMOS system composed of a transistor- and diode-less memristor crossbar array vertically integrated on top of a CMOS chip by taking advantage of the intrinsic nonlinear characteristics of the memristor element. The hybrid crossbar/CMOS system can reliably store complex binary and multilevel 1600 pixe...

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When Payers Refuse to Cover New Drugs, CMOs Take a Hit

More health systems are saying ?no? to reimbursements for new drugs; CMOs must adjust strategies.

M&As discussed: Do merged CROs/CMOs equal less than the sum of their parts?

Suppliers Albemarle, Siegfried USA and Johnson Matthey join CROs, CMOs and other leaders of the services sector in New Jersey, US this week to discuss all things outsourcing.

Industry’s First 3e-6 Lux Ultra Low-Light CMOS Bio-Optical Sensor

Palo Alto, California (PRWEB) September 10, 2014 Anitoa Systems , (“Anitoa”), a Palo Alto startup since 2011, today announced the availability of the industry’s first 3e-6 lux ultra...

Top 10 vaccine CMOs

The development of a new vaccine is a complex venture. Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly choosing to outsource their manufacturing efforts, as partnering with the right CMO can str...

Giant switchable photovoltaic effect in organometal trihalide perovskite devices

The direction of the current photogenerated in organic–inorganic perovskite films can be switched by poling the material with low electric fields that induce a reversible ion drift. Hybrid perovskit...

Pharma CMOs Left Behind as Biosimilars Heat Up

Springfield, VA, January 31, 2015 --( A new regulatory pathway has paved the way for the introduction of increasingly complex biosimilars in the United States, which has generated a great de...

Novogen picks CMOs for ovarian cancer drug

Novogen (ASX:NRT) has selected two CMOs to produce batches Cantrixil, its joint venture’s experimental anticancer drug, in advance of phase I trials planned for next year. The CanTx joint ventu...

Report Says Lyo-Market to Reach $4.8B in 2020

Attributes growth to rapidly developing biopharma industry and increase in CMOs globally

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Memristor-Based Multilayer Neural Networks With Online Gradient Descent Training.

Learning in multilayer neural networks (MNNs) relies on continuous updating of large matrices of synaptic weights by local rules. Such locality can be exploited for massive parallelism when implementi...

Memristor Models for Machine Learning.

In the quest for alternatives to traditional complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor, it is being suggested that digital computing efficiency and power can be improved by matching the precision to the...

Quasi-Linear Vacancy Dynamics Modeling and Circuit Analysis of the Bipolar Memristor.

The quasi-linear transport equation is investigated for modeling the bipolar memory resistor. The solution accommodates vacancy and circuit level perspectives on memristance. For the first time in lit...

Memristor bridge synapse-based neural network and its learning.

Analog hardware architecture of a memristor bridge synapse-based multilayer neural network and its learning scheme is proposed. The use of memristor bridge synapse in the proposed architecture solves ...

Finite-time synchronization control of a class of memristor-based recurrent neural networks.

This paper presents a global and local finite-time synchronization control law for memristor neural networks. By utilizing the drive-response concept, differential inclusions theory, and Lyapunov func...

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