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04:51 EDT 21st September 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Medical News Today: How to treat your sunburned lips

Why do lips burn easily and how can sunburned lips be treated at home? What are the symptoms of sunburned lips and when should a doctor be consulted?

Peripheral clonal selection shapes the human γδ T-cell repertoire

Clonal expansion shapes the human Vδ1T cell receptor repertoire

Different death destinies: relative apoptosis sensitivity shapes the human effector CD8+ T-cell response derived from distinct memory subsets

Body Shapes and How to deal with them

There comes a time in our lives; most probably after adolescence –especially for women- that our body shapes start to change, and as it is

Fetuses prefer to gaze at face-like shapes

Fetuses in the late stages of pregnancy move their heads towards shapes that resemble faces, suggesting that the ability to recognise faces may be innate...

Algorithms That Can Sketch, Recreate 3D Shapes

NewsA computer scientist has created a new software that can create a design sketch of an everyday object, addressing the challenge of accurately describing shapes.Contribu

Household environment—not genetics—shapes salivary microbes

Researchers in the United Kingdom have discovered that the mix of microorganisms that inhabit a person's saliva are largely determined by the human host's household. The study, published this week in ...

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Determining the 2-Dimensional Threshold for Perception of Artificial-Appearing Lips.

Recognizing the perceptual threshold for artificial-appearing lips is important to avoid an undesirable outcome of treatment.

Multifunctional LUV liposomes decorated for BBB and amyloid targeting - B. In vivo brain targeting potential in wild-type and APP/PS1 mice.

Multifunctional liposomes (mf-LIPs) having a curcumin-lipid ligand (to target amyloids) together with two ligands to target the transferrin, and the low-density apolipoprotein receptor of the blood-br...

A metric on phylogenetic tree shapes.

The shapes of evolutionary trees are influenced by the nature of the evolutionary process,but comparisons of trees fromdifferent processes are hindered by the challenge of completely describing tree s...

An evaluation of the influence of teeth and the labial soft tissues on the perceived aesthetics of a smile.

Objective The aim of this study was to investigate how the lips and teeth may affect the perceived aesthetics of a given smile. Lips and teeth were collectively assessed in different fields of view to...

Mucus-secreting lips offer protection to suction-feeding corallivorous fishes.

Of the 6,000 reef fish species, only 128 feed on corals [1,2]. Despite being widely available on tropical reefs, corals appear to represent a particularly challenging trophic resource, with mucus- and...

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