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16:50 EDT 20th July 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Sculpted by our genes: Figuring out which facial features are ‘strongly heritable’

When Do Plumped-Up Lips Become 'Too Much'?

THURSDAY, April 6, 2017 -- It's easy to tell when someone's gotten a bad lip enhancement -- their puffy lips just don't look natural. "In New York City, if you walk down the street, it's almost like, ...

What is threshold for lips perceived as artificial, unnatural-appearing?

Recognizing the perceptual threshold for when lips appear unnatural is important to avoid an undesirable outcome in lip augmentation.

Neurocrine Biosciences’ Ingrezza is first FDA-approved drug for tardive dyskinesia

Brian BerkTardive dyskinesia is a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive involuntary movements, usually of the jaw, lips and tongue, such as grimacing, sticking out the tongue and smacking ...

Body Shapes and How to deal with them

There comes a time in our lives; most probably after adolescence –especially for women- that our body shapes start to change, and as it is

Fetuses prefer to gaze at face-like shapes

Fetuses in the late stages of pregnancy move their heads towards shapes that resemble faces, suggesting that the ability to recognise faces may be innate...

Mount Sinai study reveals how learning in the present shapes future learning

(The Mount Sinai Hospital / Mount Sinai School of Medicine) The prefrontal cortex shapes memory formation by modulating hippocampal encoding.

Developing fetuses react to face-like shapes from the womb

It's well known that young babies are more interested in faces than other objects. Now, researchers have the first evidence that this preference for faces develops in the womb. By projecting light thr...

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Determining the 2-Dimensional Threshold for Perception of Artificial-Appearing Lips.

Recognizing the perceptual threshold for artificial-appearing lips is important to avoid an undesirable outcome of treatment.

Multifunctional LUV liposomes decorated for BBB and amyloid targeting - B. In vivo brain targeting potential in wild-type and APP/PS1 mice.

Multifunctional liposomes (mf-LIPs) having a curcumin-lipid ligand (to target amyloids) together with two ligands to target the transferrin, and the low-density apolipoprotein receptor of the blood-br...

A metric on phylogenetic tree shapes.

The shapes of evolutionary trees are influenced by the nature of the evolutionary process,but comparisons of trees fromdifferent processes are hindered by the challenge of completely describing tree s...

Comparison of muscle activity between subjects with or without lip competence: Electromyographic activity of lips, supra- and infrahyoid muscles.

This study compares the electromyographic (EMG) activity of the muscles from the lips and hyoid bone in subjects with or without lip competence.

The impact of cross-modal correspondences on working memory performance.

Cross-modal correspondences influence perceptual performance in adults, infants, and even nonhuman primates across a variety of different sensory modalities, including tasks involving speeded detectio...

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