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08:05 EST 24th January 2017 | BioPortfolio

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New bionic eye implant connects directly to brain, allowing blind woman to see shapes & colors

SOURCE November 2016 Scientists may have made a significant breakthrough in restoring human sight, as a woman who had been blind for seven years has regained the ability to see shapes and colours with...

Tissue leftover from facelift can help plump lips

(Reuters Health) - Women getting cosmetic surgery to lift up sagging cheeks and jowls may be able to use some of the tissue removed during the procedure to plump up their lips, a small U.S. study sugg...

Unlocking the mystery on how plant leaves grow their teeth

Plant biologists at ITbM, Nagoya University have discovered the key element, an EPFL2 peptide that is responsible for creating the teeth-like shapes on plant leaves. The zigzag edges of leaves, so-cal...

Nanovesicles in predictable shapes

Beads, disks, bowls and rods: scientists at Radboud University have demonstrated the first methodological approach to control the shapes of nanovesicles. This opens doors for the use of nanovesicles i...

Bizarre new species of extinct reptile shows dinosaurs copied body, skull shapes

[NEWS] Iconic dinosaur shapes were present for at least a hundred million years on our planet in animals before those dinosaurs themselves actually appeared. In a study in the Sept. 22 issu...

Human selection has narrowed apple varieties to a pitiful few

About 7,500 commercial apple producers in 36 states harvest 48,000 tons of fruit, second in production only to China. The average American consumes some 16 pounds of apples each year, making the appl...

Modern roof shapes tested against big blows

(James Cook University) New homes are increasingly being built with unusual roof shapes, and new research by James Cook University reveals the potential for some new designs to lose roof cladding if h...

Building World's Largest Database of Crystal Surfaces, Shapes

NewsNanoengineers created the world's largest database of elemental crystal surfaces and shapes to date. Contributed Author: 

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Comparison of muscle activity between subjects with or without lip competence: Electromyographic activity of lips, supra- and infrahyoid muscles.

This study compares the electromyographic (EMG) activity of the muscles from the lips and hyoid bone in subjects with or without lip competence.

Process evaluation of a preschool physical activity intervention using web-based delivery.

Preschool/childcare settings offer a practical target for physical activity interventions. Online learning programs have the potential for greater public health reach and impact. The SHAPES-Disseminat...

Stripe-shaped apertures in confocal microscopy.

We have theoretically verified that, compared with the aperture shapes of previous research, combining two stripe-shaped apertures in a confocal microscope with a finite-sized pinhole improves the axi...

Numerical Inversion of SRNF Maps for Elastic Shape Analysis of Genus-Zero Surfaces.

Recent developments in elastic shape analysis (ESA) are motivated by the fact that it provides a comprehensive framework for simultaneous registration, deformation, and comparison of shapes. These met...

Do COPD patients taught pursed lips breathing (PLB) for dyspnoea management continue to use the technique long-term? A mixed methodological study.

To investigate whether COPD patients taught pursed lips breathing (PLB) for dyspnoea management continue to use the technique long-term and, if so, their experience of this.

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