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Smell is the sense that is concerned with the odor of things. It is perceived by receptors in the olfactory apparatus in the roof of ones nose. Signals here are transmitted along the Olfactory Nerve...

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Damage to key brain region important in predicting cognitive function after pediatric TBI

Disruptions in a key brain region can explain the varied outcomes after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in children and adolescents, according to research published July 15 in The Journal of Neuroscien...

Traumatic Memories Hidden in Chemical Pathway in Brain, Study Says

Some traumatic experiences, like childhood abuse, are so painful that the brain tucks them away in a special chemical pathway in the brain, according to a new study.Read more about Traumatic Memori

Complexity before size: Old world monkey had a tiny but complex brain

(Max-Planck-Gesellschaft) Victoriapithecus had a small brain relative to its body size with an olfactory bulb about three times as large as that in present-day monkeys.

Cracking the function of the fly olfactory system to understand how neural circuits work

(Center for Genomic Regulation) CRG scientists in Barcelona have undertaken to map the neural circuitry involved in the conversion of olfactory inputs into navigational behaviors in the fruit fly larv...

Tumor adaptations to PI3K pathway inhibitors may require combination therapies

Two groups have identified metabolic changes caused by therapies targeting the PI3K pathway that could both explain and provide a solution for the compounds' poor performance in the clinic.

Deciphering the olfactory receptor code

In animals, numerous behaviors are governed by the olfactory perception of their surrounding world. Whether originating in the nose of a mammal or the antennas of an insect, perception results from th...

Postmitotic diversification of olfactory neuron types is mediated by differential activities of the HMG-box transcription factor SOX-2

Diversification of neuron classes is essential for functions of the olfactory system, but the underlying mechanisms that generate individual olfactory neuron types are only beginning to be understood....

Olfactory cells transplanted to treat spinal cord injury

(Cell Transplantation Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair) At a three-year follow-up, patients with spinal cord injury who were randomized to a clinical trial that transplanted cells from ...

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Olfactory and executive dysfunctions following orbito-basal lesions in traumatic brain injury.

To study the acute relationship between olfactory function and traumatic brain injury (TBI), cognitive functions and outcome.

The muted sense: neurocognitive limitations of olfactory language.

Most people find it profoundly difficult to name familiar smells. This difficulty persists even when perceptual odor processing and visual object naming are unimpaired, implying deficient sensory-spec...

Lesion of the Olfactory Epithelium Accelerates Prion Neuroinvasion and Disease Onset when Prion Replication Is Restricted to Neurons.

Natural prion diseases of ruminants are moderately contagious and while the gastrointestinal tract is the primary site of prion agent entry, other mucosae may be entry sites in a subset of infections....

Olfactory Identification and Its Relationship to Executive Functions, Memory, and Disability 1 Year After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

To explore the frequency of posttraumatic olfactory (dys)function 1 year after severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) and determine whether there is a relationship between olfactory identification and ne...

The olfactory groove schwannoma attached to the cribriform plate: a case report.

The olfactory groove schwannoma is a quite rare tumor. We report a case of a 49-year-old woman with an olfactory groove schwannoma attached to the cribriform plate without olfactory dysfunction. She h...

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