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Foot and Ankle Disorders

Hand and Foot Dermatitis


Baxter is one of the 30 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with annual sales of $7.8 billion. With a foot in both the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices, Baxter Healthcare has ...

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Immortalization of human normal and NF1 neurofibroma Schwann cells

EGFR-Stat3 signalling in nerve glial cells modifies neurofibroma initiation

Health Tip: Caring for Foot Ulcers

-- Foot ulcers are wounds that commonly develop under the big toe or on the balls of the feet. They're common among people with diabetes. To care for a foot ulcer, the American Diabetes Association su...

Plexiform Neurofibroma Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2015 Prices from USD $2500

Plexiform Neurofibroma Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2015SummaryGlobalData's clinical trial report, Plexiform Neurofibroma Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2015" provides an overview of Plexifo...

How Fast Will We Need to Adapt to Climate Change?

NewsWhat would we do differently if sea level were to rise one foot per century versus one foot per decade? Contributed Author: 

Surgically implanted neurostimulator system helps alleviate chronic pain

When the damaged nerves in Anthony Newberry's foot healed incorrectly after a workplace accident, it left him feeling "like my foot was exploding for hours at a time," he says.

Lab Innovations 2016 Q&A Session with Greg Foot

Greg Foot, Science Presenter on the BBC and YouTube will be speaking at Lab Innovations 2016, the UK’s leading event dedicated to laboratory professionals, which returns to Birmingham’s NE...

Image of the Day: Best Foot Forward

The foot of the male diving beetle (Acilius spp.) is covered in suction cups that latch onto a female during mating. This colorized stack of confocal micrographs took fifth place in the Nikon Small Wo...

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Neurofibroma around the Ear Canal: Report of Three Cases.

Facial nerve neurofibromas are an uncommon entity, particularly in the intraparotid region. Three cases are presented herein, including the first reported case of both an intratemporal and intraparoti...

Isolated Vaginal Neurofibroma Presenting as Vaginal Wall Cyst: A Rare Case Report With Review of Literature.

Neurofibromas commonly involve peripheral nervous system. Isolated neurofibroma of vagina is very rare tumor and usually associated with Von Recklinghausen's disease. Vulva is the most frequent locati...

Novel Foot Progression Angle Algorithm Estimation via Foot-Worn, Magneto-Inertial Sensing.

The foot progression angle is an important clinical measurement but currently can only be computed while walking in a laboratory with a marker-based motion capture system. This paper proposes a novel ...

Neuropathy and Diabetic Foot Syndrome.

Diabetic foot ulceration is a serious complication of diabetes mellitus worldwide and the most common cause of hospitalization in diabetic patients. The etiology of diabetic foot ulcerations is comple...

Factors associated with combined hand and foot eczema Associations between foot and hand eczema.

As for hand eczema, the etiology of foot eczema is multifactorial, and not very well understood. The aim of the present study was to identify factors associated with foot eczema in a cohort of hand ec...

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