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11:30 EDT 31st March 2015 | BioPortfolio

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Foot and Ankle Disorders

Hand and Foot Dermatitis


Baxter is one of the 30 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with annual sales of $7.8 billion. With a foot in both the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices, Baxter Healthcare has ...

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Foamy foot cream drug launches

Neubourg Pharma UK has launched Allpresan Diabetic Foot Foam Creams into the UK.

Management of Acute Diabetic Foot Disease

When does diabetic foot infection require hospitalization? Which antibiotics should be considered first? U.S. Pharmacist

PET/MRI Better Than PET/CT for Foot Pain

Imaging with 18F-fluoride PET/MR provide clearer images for patients with unclear foot pain.

Management of soft tissue defects of the foot

A 57 year old man presented to his general practitioner with a pigmented lesion on the heel of his left foot. He had not previously sought medical advice about the lesion but had recently become... ...

EpiFix Trumps Alternatives for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Wounds

The first comparative-effectiveness trial to examine currently available options for wound healing in diabetic foot ulcers strongly favors new graft technology over the old. Medscape Medical New...

Allard Convenes Foot Drop Team

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Allard USA announced that eleven men and women will converge in Charlotte, N.C. Nov. 13 as Allard USA's TeamUP. All members face limited mobility in one or both legs as the result of ...

Rite Aid to build 900,000 square foot DC in South Carolina

Michael JohnsenRite Aid announced Wednesday plans to build a 900,000 square foot distribution center in Spartanburg, S.C.  read more

New drug delivered through a skin patch shows promise in healing diabetic foot ulcers

A foot ulcer is typically a painful inconvenience to most people, but to a person with diabetes it could mean an infection, or worse, an amputation. But a research team at Stanford University School o...

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A Rare Solitary Neurofibroma of the Frontal Sinus.

Neurofibromas are common peripheral nerve sheath tumors related to Schwann cell's proliferation and are usually associated with neurofibromatosis type 1. Although solitary neurofibroma that occurs in ...

Neurofibroma of the palate.

Neurofibroma is a benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor comprising variable mixture of Schwann cells, perineurial-like cells, and fibroblasts. Neurofibroma may occur as solitary lesion or as part of a ...

Foot Disorders Associated With Overpronated and Oversupinated Foot Function: The Johnston County Osteoarthritis Project.

The occurrence of musculoskeletal foot disorders differs by race and obesity, and these disorders may be related to pronated (low arch) or supinated (high arch) foot structure. This cross-sectional an...

Solitary Epibulbar Neurofibroma in Older Adult Patients.

To report a solitary epibulbar neurofibroma in 2 elderly patients without systemic neurofibromatosis.

Taiwanese adult foot shape classification using 3D scanning data.

This study classifies the foot shapes of Taiwanese using 3D foot scanning data from 2000 males and 1000 females. Nine foot dimensions relative to foot length and absolute measures in the common foot l...

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