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Foot and Ankle Disorders

Hand and Foot Dermatitis


Baxter is one of the 30 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with annual sales of $7.8 billion. With a foot in both the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices, Baxter Healthcare has ...

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Charcot foot, a crippling diabetes complication, is increasing

A growing number of diabetics are being diagnosed with a debilitating foot deformity called Charcot foot. Charcot foot often confines patients to wheelchairs, and in severe cases can require amputatio...

Charcot foot operations help diabetes patients walk normally again

A growing number of diabetics are being diagnosed with a debilitating foot deformity called Charcot foot.

Foot drop

The bottom lineConsider isolated peroneal neuropathy as the most likely cause of foot drop in patients with weakness of foot dorsiflexion and eversion; sensory loss of the anterolateral aspect of the....

Preventing and treating foot complications associated with diabetes mellitus

For individuals with diabetes mellitus, the lifetime risk of developing a foot ulcer can be as high as 25%, but these complications are preventable. Here, Bowling and colleagues discuss the mechanisms...

Health Tip: Stretch To Help Plantar Fasciitis

-- Plantar fasciitis occurs when the band of tissue that stretches across the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed and painful. The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society suggests: Avoid putting...

Health Tip: Common Causes of Foot Arthritis

-- Your feet are a common destination for the pain and discomfort of arthritis. The American Podiatric Medical Association says common triggers of foot arthritis include: Having a foot injury, especi...

An LED Foot Pain Reliever

Continuing its 167-year history of offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected, Hammacher Schlemmer introduces The LED Foot Pain Reliever, the only device for the feet that produces safe infrared h...

Foamy foot cream drug launches

Neubourg Pharma UK has launched Allpresan Diabetic Foot Foam Creams into the UK.

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Foot deformities within the diabetic foot and their influence on biomechanics: A review of the literature.

Diabetes mellitus causes a multitude of complications. Foot ulceration is one complication with serious consequences, amputation. Foot deformities contribute to ulcer development. It would be advantag...

Solitary Epibulbar Neurofibroma in Older Adult Patients.

To report a solitary epibulbar neurofibroma in 2 elderly patients without systemic neurofibromatosis.

Mental health issues associated with foot complications of diabetes mellitus.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of foot problems on mental health in diabetic patients and their caregivers.

Tool for Rapid & Easy Identification of High Risk Diabetic Foot: Validation & Clinical Pilot of the Simplified 60 Second Diabetic Foot Screening Tool.

Most diabetic foot amputations are caused by ulcers on the skin of the foot i.e. diabetic foot ulcers. Early identification of patients at high risk for diabetic foot ulcers is crucial. The 'Simplifie...

Re: "The impact of ankle osteoarthritis. The difference of opinion between patient and orthopedic surgeon" Foot Ankle Surg. 20 (2014) 241-247.

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