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13:51 EDT 21st August 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Cycle Pharmaceuticals Receives FDA Approval of NityrTM (nitisinone) Tablets for Treatment of HT-1

NityrTM is the first formulation of nitisinone treatment for HT-1 that does not require refrigeration NityrTM can be disintegrated in w...

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DFT Study on the Complexation of NOTA as a Bifunctional Chelator with Radiometal Ions.

1,4,7 triazacyclononane-1,4,7 triacetic acid (NOTA) is a key bifunctional chelator utilized for the complexation of metal ions in radiopharmaceutical applications; the ability of these chelators depen...

Impact of dianionic and dicationic linkers on tumor uptake and biodistribution of (64) CuCu/NOTA peptide-based GRPR antagonists.

In this study we investigated for the first time the influence of 2-aminoethyl-piperazine-1-carboxylic acid (APCA) and amino-hexanedioic-1-acid (AHDA) on tumor uptake and elimination kinetics of [(64)...

Ficusnotins A-F: Rare diarylbutanoids from the leaves of Ficus nota.

Six diarylbutanoids, designated as ficusnotins A-F, with a rare carbon skeleton consisting of two aromatic rings separated by an unbranched C4-chain have been isolated from the leaves of Ficus nota (B...

The Non Operative Treatment for Acute Appendicitis (NOTA) Study: Is Less Surgery Better Surgery?

Path of infectious diseases in Brazil in the last 50 years: an ongoing challenge.

In this article, we comment on the main features of infectious diseases in Brazil in the last 50 years, highlighting how much of this path Revista de Saúde Pública could portray. From 1967 to 2016, ...

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