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Maryland, the US state on the mid-Atlantic coast, is hub of biotechnology institutions and companies. In 2005/2006 is was the 2nd best area globally for initiatives aimed at drawing and retaining bi...

Malaria Vaccines

Malaria represents one of the international community’s most pressing public health problems. The disease exacts an economic toll of roughly $12 billion a year in Africa. A vaccine is an ess...

Insulin like Growth Factor 1 Receptor IGF 1R

Although the insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor (IGF-1R) was first cloned in 1986, it was the success of targeted drugs such as trastuzumab and imatinib that tyrosine kinase inhibitors and growth...

MatBA - Mature B-cell neoplasm array

Mature B-cell neoplasms arise in B-cells that have entered germinal centers within lymph nodes as part of the immune response. They display great heterogeneity at the clinical, pathologic, and genet...

The Top 10 Medical Device Companies

Medical devices are crucial to the process of diagnosis and treatment in modern medicine. Sales in this field reach billions of dollar a year, with Johnson & Johnson making $30 billion alone in ...

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Medical News Today: Swine flu virus in India 'has become more virulent' since 2009 outbreak

An analysis by MIT researchers finds that the 2014-15 swine flu outbreak in India may have been caused by a more virulent strain than the outbreak of 2009.

New study identifies new way to kill the malaria parasite

By identifying one of the key proteins needed for the parasite to survive in red blood cells, the team has prevented the protein from working, thus killing the parasite

Maryland Brain & Spine Announces New Specialty, New Name

Annapolis, Maryland (PRWEB) July 28, 2015 Maryland Brain & Spine has adopted a new name – Maryland Brain, Spine and Pain (...

NYC Declares Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak Over

THURSDAY, Aug. 20, 2015 -- The source of the Legionnaires' disease outbreak in New York City has been identified and the outbreak is over, health officials said Thursday. Since July 10, there were 124...

July National Ice Cream Month, Farmers Share Story

TUSCARORA, MD. (PRWEB) July 21, 2015 Maryland residents have a reason to celebrate July, the return of National Ice Cream Month and ...

Treatment Failure in Parasite Infection Tied to Virus

Two new studies explain why some parasite infections, such as those common in developing countries, sometimes can’t be cured with standard treatments.Read more about Treatment Failur

Treatment failure in parasite infection tied to virus​

Two new studies explain why some parasite infections, such as those common in developing countries, sometimes can't be cured with standard treatments.

Image of the Day: Prehistoric Parasite

This “virtual fossil” shows a preserved pentasomid parasite (orange thread at the top) still attached to its host, a marine ostracod crustacean.

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Norovirus Outbreak Associated with a Natural Lake Used for Recreation - Oregon, 2014.

In July 2014, Multnomah County public health officials investigated a norovirus outbreak among persons visiting Blue Lake Regional Park in Oregon. During the weekend of the reported illnesses (Friday,...

Structural vulnerabilities to HIV/STI risk among female exotic dancers in Baltimore, Maryland.

Female exotic dancers (FEDs) are an important, yet understudied group of women who may engage in drug- and sex-related HIV/STI risk behaviors through their work. The study objective was to identify co...

Molecular Epidemiology of Plasmodium falciparum Malaria Outbreak, Tumbes, Peru, 2010-2012.

During 2010-2012, an outbreak of 210 cases of malaria occurred in Tumbes, in the northern coast of Peru, where no Plasmodium falciparum malaria case had been reported since 2006. To identify the sourc...

Epidemiological and genetic analysis concerning the coxsackievirus A6 related endemic outbreak of hand-foot-mouth disease in Taizhou, China, during 2013.

A total of 1,098 strains of Human Enteroviruses (HEV), falling into 14 serotypes were detected upon analysis of 1,509 Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD) samples collected in Taizhou during the period from...

Echovirus 30 meningitis epidemic followed by an outbreak-specific RT-qPCR.

An outbreak of enteroviral aseptic meningitis emerged in Southwestern Finland in August 2009. The same enterovirus reappeared with increasing incidence of meningitis in other parts of Finland in 2010.

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