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Prenatal stem cell treatment improves mobility issues caused by spina bifida

The lower-limb paralysis associated with spina bifida may be effectively treated before birth by combining a unique stem cell therapy with surgery, new research from UC Davis Health System has found.

GM crops to fight spina bifida

Genetically modified crops are usually designed to have herbicide tolerance and insect resistance, but there are other applications of such engineered plants, such as the incorporation of genes for sp...

Spina bifida in fetus is associated with an altered pattern of DNA methylation in placenta

Genetically Modified Crops to Fight Spina Bifida

New research is suggesting that biofortification of rice with a gene to produce more folate could significantly reduce the risk of birth defects, such as spina bifida and other neural tube defects, wh...

Global Urinary Catheters Market 2015-2019

About Urinary Catheters Urinary catheters are devices used to drain out urine, this is called catheterization. These are used in patients who have medical conditions such as urinary incontinence and r...

Higher Folic Acid Intake Needed

In the 17 years since US enriched cereal grain products have been fortified with folic acid, approximately 1300 babies each year are spared neural tube defects (NTDs). Yet despite this effective measu...

Lack of folic acid enrichment in Europe causes mortality among fetuses

A new international study shows that 5,000 foetuses in Europe annually are affected by spina bifida and other severe defects on the central nervous system. Seventy per cent of these pregnancies are te...

Folate biomarkers determined

An international paper on folate biomarkers is part of an initiative to provide evidence-based guidance for the global nutrition and public health community. The comprehensive study on folate, an esse...

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Sacral fatigue fractures in children with sacral spina bifida occulta.

In this report, we present two cases of 9-year-old children with spina bifida occulta (SBO) of the sacrum, who were diagnosed with sacral fatigue fractures. In both patients, MRI showed a linear signa...

Perception of secondary conditions in adults with spina bifida and impact on daily life.

Spina bifida is a congenital defect of the neural tube resulting in motor and sensory disruption. Persons with spina bifida can also experience executive function impairments. Secondary conditions are...

Factors associated with pressure ulcers in individuals with spina bifida.

To describe factors associated with pressure ulcers in individuals with spina bifida (SB) enrolled in the National Spina Bifida Patient Registry (NSBPR).

An approach for determining quantitative measures for bone volume and bone mass in the pediatric spina bifida population.

The pediatric spina bifida population suffers from decreased mobility and recurrent fractures. This study aimed to develop a method for quantifying bone mass along the entire tibia in youth with spina...

Rehabilitation outcomes in persons with spina bifida: A randomised controlled trial.

To assess the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary ambulatory rehabilitation programme for persons with spina bifida in an Australian community cohort.

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