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USPSTF wants primary care doctors to help dentists keep kids’ teeth healthy

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Pediatricians and other primary care doctors should apply fluoride varnish to infants’ teeth soon after they erupt, according to new cavity-fighting guidelines. The recom...

Task force to doctors: paint fluoride on baby teeth

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Pediatricians and other primary care doctors should apply fluoride varnish to infants’ teeth soon after they erupt, according to new cavity-fighting guidelines.

Underwater pictures shared innovatively for science collaboration

Marine researchers across Australia can now get a better idea of what's under the surface due to an award-winning project that allows them to classify and share their research pictures online.

Health Tip: Protecting Children's Teeth

-- Watching what people eat and drink should begin in infancy. Eating and drinking right will promote a healthy body, including the teeth. The American Dental Association suggests how to promote healt...

Children's teeth not being looked after

Tooth decay is the leading cause of hospital admittance for children in England, according to NHS figures.The British Dental Health Foundation said some parents needed to pay more attention to the ...

Encouraging teeth to self-repair

Dentists could soon be giving your teeth a mild 'time warp' to encourage them to self-repair, thanks to a new device being developed by dental researchers. Reminova Ltd, a new spin-out company from Ki...

Health Tip: Why Teeth Are Sensitive

-- Sensitive teeth can make eating and drinking painful and unpleasant. The American Dental Association's website explains these possible causes of sensitive teeth: Having a cavity o...

Health Tip: Limit Foods That Can Damage Teeth

-- Some foods can damage your teeth, and avoiding them can help to protect your smile. The American Dental Association says foods that can damage teeth include: Hard candies, because of the sugar con...

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Characterization of Primary and Permanent Teeth Using Terahertz Spectroscopy.

Objective: To analyse teeth samples by using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy (THz-TDS) system which was developed in the laboratory to measure the properties of sliced teeth sections in transmissio...

Initiation of teeth from the dental lamina in the ferret.

Mammalian tooth development is characterized by formation of primary teeth that belong to different tooth classes and are later replaced by a single set of permanent teeth. The first primary teeth are...

The primary and mixed dentition, post-eruptive enamel maturation and dental caries: a review.

The mouth is in flux from the time the primary teeth begin to erupt, in the first year of life, through to the end of the 'mixed dentition' (i.e. the concurrent eruption of the permanent teeth and exf...

Triplication of deciduous teeth: a rare dental anomaly.

Fusion of teeth is the union of two or more tooth germs, which are usually separated. Depending upon the stage of odontogenesis, it can be complete or incomplete. The present case describes fusion bet...

Assessment of Er:YAG Laser for Cavity Preparation in Primary and Permanent Teeth: A Scanning Electron Microscopy and Thermographic Study.

Most studies of cavity preparation using Er:YAG lasers have employed permanent teeth. This study's purpose was to compare the cutting efficiency of an Er:YAG laser versus diamond burs in primary and p...

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