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11:13 EDT 3rd September 2015 | BioPortfolio

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Vocal Fold Voice Therapy

Voice therapy with a trained speech-language pathologist can assist patients with vocal cord paralysis.

Prenatal stem cell treatment improves mobility issues caused by spina bifida

The lower-limb paralysis associated with spina bifida may be effectively treated before birth by combining a unique stem cell therapy with surgery, new research from UC Davis Health System has found.

Recovery of sensory function by stem cell transplants

New research from Uppsala University shows promising progress in the use of stem cells for treatment of spinal cord injury. The results, which are published in the scientific journal Scientific Report...

Stem Cell Treatment Speeds Up Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury in Monkeys

A new study appearing in STEM CELLS Translational Medicine, designed to test how stem cell injections affect primates with spinal cord injury (SCI), showed the treatments significantly improved the an...

Save the Cord Foundation. Although it's red, it's really green!

Cord blood is a rich, natural, controversy-free source of life-saving stem cells. In this interview, filmed at the World Stem Cell Congress in London, Charis Ober, Founder & Executive Director of the ...

Stem Cell Transplant May Return Sense of Touch

(UPI) – Spinal cord injury patients who have lost function and feeling to their arms and hands have been shown to regenerate nerve fibers that return the sense of touch through stem cell treatme...

StemCells reports positive top-line results of thoracic spinal cord injury Phase I/II trial

StemCells (STEM), a leading stem cell company developing novel cell-based therapeutics for treating diseases of the central nervous system, announced that Dr Armin Curt, principal investigator, will p...

New Study Shows Stem Cell Treatments Promote Faster Healing in Primates with Spinal Cord Injury

(News-Medical) – A new study appearing today in STEM CELLS Translational Medicine, designed to test how stem cell injections affect primates with spinal cord injury (SCI), showed the treatments ...

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Relationship of vocal cord paralysis to the coil diameter of vagus nerve stimulator leads.

OBJECT This investigation was done to examine, following implantation of vagus nerve stimulators, the relationship of vocal cord paralysis to the inner diameter of the coils used to attach the stimula...

Unilateral Vocal Cord Motion Impairment After 1 Dose of Vincristine: Case Report and Literature Review.

Vocal cord paralysis after administration of the chemotherapeutic agent vincristine is a rare occurrence. Most occurrences are bilateral. Of the 24 cases referenced in this article, 19 are children. I...

Anthracosis: An unusual cause of vocal fold paralysis.

Anthracotic pigmentation in the bronchial mucosa is a bronchoscopic finding of pneumoconiosis, or evidence of heavy atmospheric soot. This pigmentation in the tracheobronchial mucosa is surrounded by ...

Two cases of congenital myasthenic syndrome with vocal cord paralysis.

An Overview of Laryngeal Muscle Single Fiber Electromyography.

Needle electromyography is an important tool in the diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases and has also been applied successfully in the evaluation of the vocal cord paralysis. Laryngeal electromyography...

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