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00:55 EST 7th February 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Some notes on the female orgasm in 2015

Without the perennially interesting problem of the female orgasm, it sometimes seems that the oddly sex-segregated world of men's and women's magazines would run out of content.

TherapeuticsMD nets $117.5mm through public offering

Women's health company TherapeuticsMD Inc. netted $117.5mm by publicly selling 15mm shares at $8.25. Most of the money will go towards future commercialization activities for Phase III TX004HR, an app...

O-Shot® for Female Sexual Dysfunction "Big Success" at Dallas Clinic

DALLAS, Oct. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In the 18 months since the O-Shot® was introduced at the Dallas Anti-Aging Institute as a breakthrough therapy for sexual dysfunction in women, many recipien...

Researchers reveal mystery of how contractions in labor grow stronger

(University of Liverpool) Scientists, for the first time, have identified a mechanism in the muscle cells of the uterus that could point to how contractions in childbirth grow stronger.

Vaginal microbes influence whether mucus can trap HIV

HIV particles are effectively trapped by the cervicovaginal mucus from women who harbor a particular vaginal bacteria species, Lactobacillus crispatus. The findings could lead to new ways to reduce or...

Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center Announces ThermiVa For Vaginal Rejuvenation

Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center has announced the addition of ThermiVa and ThermiSmooth treatments for vaginal rejuvenation. Summit, New Jersey (PRWEB) October 09, 2015 Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Cen...

Improving vaginal discomfort after menopause

A new phase III trial with positive results is taking intravaginal DHEA a step closer to governmental approval. The formulation could provide women who cannot or do not wish to use intravaginal estrog...

Tropomyosin controls sarcomere-like contractions for rigidity sensing and suppressing growth on soft matrices

Sheetz and colleagues use micropillar arrays to report that the regulation of rigidity sensing involves the tropomyosin-dependent control of the stepwise contractions needed to reach a force level suf...

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Sexual dysfunction in patients with spinal cord lesions.

Many aspects of sexuality can be disrupted following a spinal cord lesion (SCL). It can alter an individual's self-esteem and body image, interfere with positioning and mobility, introduce unexpected ...

Double Tension Adjustments with Novel Modification on Tension-Free Vaginal Tape.

To evaluate the results of novel modifications on tension- free vaginal tape (TVT) for the treatment of women with stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

Tension-Free Vaginal Tape Failure After Robotic Sacrocolpopexy and Tension-Free Vaginal Tape for Concomitant Prolapse and Stress Incontinence.

Evidence of surgical cure with tension free vaginal tape (TVT) is robust for isolated stress urinary incontinence, but rigorous studies investigating combined prolapse and incontinence are lacking. Ou...

Effects of a One Year Reusable Contraceptive Vaginal Ring on Vaginal Microflora and the Risk of Vaginal Infection: An Open-Label Prospective Evaluation.

A contraceptive vaginal ring (CVR) containing Nestorone® (NES) and ethinyl estradiol (EE) that is reusable for 1- year (13 cycles) is under development. This study assessed effects of this investigat...

Spontaneous uterine rupture in the 35th week of gestation after laparoscopic adenomyomectomy.

Uterine rupture rarely occurs during pregnancy, but it is a critical situation if so. It is already known that a history of uterine surgeries, such as cesarean section or myomectomy, is a risk factor ...

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