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05:15 EDT 23rd April 2014 | BioPortfolio

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The Scandinavian country of Sweden is home to a thriving biotechnology industry, one of the top 5 in Europe. Europe has become a global center for the industry, helped by €2 billion worth of fu...


Eligard® is a hormone compound for the treatment of advanced, hormone-dependent prostate cancer. The active ingredient (leuprolide acetate) significantly reduces the level of the male sex hormon...


AA amyloidosis affects approximately 35,000 - 50,000 individuals in the United States, Europe (Top 5 countries) and Japan. The disease occurs in a subset of patients with long-lasting inflammatory c...


At OncoDNA, our philosophy is to provide the most suitable test in terms of rapidity and cost. That’s why we follow a 3 tier approach to find tumour mutations which can respond to new cancer t...

Biosuperior Antibodies

After biosimilar versions of therapeutic proteins have become reality in Europe and in the US, now it’s the turn of therapeutic antibodies to be in the line of fire. Patents of the first wave of...

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What Quality Control? FDA Bans Another Wockhardt Facility

In the latest sign that a big drugmaker from India will have a hard time getting off the regulatory radar screen, the FDA has issued yet another import alert for a Wockhardt manufactu...

Wockhardt In Perpetual Crisis: U.S. FDA Slaps Firm With Second Import Alert

The leading Indian drug maker has seen unprecedented regulatory action this year. After FDA issued an import alert on Wockhardt’s Waluj site earlier this year, the agency slammed Wockhardt with anot...

Wockhardt drugs from Indian plant banned by US FDA

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued an import alert on medicines made by Indian drugmaker Wockhardt (BSE: WOCK).

India's Wockhardt Cited In Another U.S. FDA 'Import Alert," For Vet Plants

Wockhardt is the object of another "import alert" issued by the U.S. FDA, this time for two of its veterinary drug-production facilities in India.

Second Wockhardt Plant Banned By U.S. FDA For Alleged GMP Violations

A second Wockhardt plant producing drugs for the U.S. market has been banned by the U.S. FDA for violating good-manufacturing practices.

FDA Of India State Cites Wockhardt For GMP Violations At Three Plants

India's Maharashtra FDA ordered Wockhardt to explain its lack of compliance with good manufacturing practices at three of its plants in the state, citing rusting barrels of raw material and insect inf...

US health watchdog curbs exports from India's Wockhardt

The US health regulator has restricted exports from a plant owned by Indian generic drugmaker Wockhardt in the latest ban on its products, sending the company's shares tumbling 14 percent on Wednesday...

People on the Move: Senior changes at Wockhardt and ICON

This week's People on the Move sees a wave of hires at ICON, and rumours of Wockhardt bringing in a compliance expert.

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Comparison of Phenotype and Outcome in Microscopic Polyangiitis Between Europe and Japan.

There are differences between Europe and Japan in the incidence and antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA) serotype of patients with microscopic polyangiitis (MPA). However, differences in phenoty...

Tuberculosis elimination: theory and practice in Europe.

Although Europe identified the pathway to tuberculosis (TB) elimination in 1990, no information on programmes for country preparedness is available.A questionnaire investigating TB elimination activit...

Douglas-fir plantations in Europe: a retrospective test of assisted migration to address climate change.

We evaluate genetic test plantations of North American Douglas-fir provenances in Europe to quantify how tree populations respond when subjected to climate regime shifts, and we examined whether biocl...

Molecular detection of Dirofilaria immitis, Dirofilaria repens and Setaria tundra in mosquitoes from Germany.

As a result of globalization and climate change, Dirofilaria immitis and Dirofilaria repens, the causative agents of dirofilariosis in Europe, continue to spread from endemic areas in the Mediterranea...

Human leptospirosis: An emerging risk in Europe?

Leptospirosis has been reemerging in both developed and developing countries including Europe, where, this phenomenon has notably been associated with urban transmission. However, the comprehensive da...

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